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13 gauge Aramid +glass fiber mixed knitted cutting sleeve

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CE marking

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13 gauge
Aramid +glass fiber mixed
knitted cutting sleeve

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  • CE marking

    Performance of Sunny Hope gloves are assessed according to the European standards. They are symbolized by pictograms sometimes with figures representing their levels of performances 

    EN420 General requirements for protective gloves 

    • Ergonomy construction (neutrality of pH, amount of de ctable CrVI and no allergenic incorporated substances),innocuousness and comfort (size), dexte ty, water vapour transmission and abrasion

    • If requested electrostatic properties must be measured according to the tests of the prEN 1149-1,-2 or 3 Pictograms shall not be used and specific information on lab test conditions must be added.

    • Indication of the levels of performances:1 :minimum, 2:good, 3: very good, 4: and more: excellent, 0: does not offer protection, X: performance not measured

    • Information on using instructions and levels of performance according to the s蚀ndards described hereafter 

    Selection of the glove’s size according to the hand length and circumference.pdd


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